Just a Song Before I Go…

Hi everyone,

I am sure you have noticed that I have been posting sporadically at best over the past few months. Life with a little one is so hectic!

Purple Lemon Baby - 7 weeks

I wanted to let you all know that blogging has and will continue to be on the back burner for me as I enjoy watching my little girl grow. Right now it is the best thing for her and for me if I focus my free time on her.

I am not permanently going away, but I will be taking a long hiatus from blogging. I hope to be back in a couple of years, once little Purple Lemon Baby gets a bit bigger.

I have been feeling uninspired when it comes to content for my blog. We all go through these times and I am sure I will come into my renaissance one day. When I do, I will be back, I promise!

Now, just in case you aren’t a Crosby, Stills and Nash fan, you are probably wondering where the title of the post came from…So, I will share THE “Just a Song Before I Go” and I hope you enjoyed another picture of sweet Purple Lemon Baby :)

I do post pretty regularly on Facebook now…It has really turned into my new blog. You can follow me at http://www.facebook.com/purplelemondesigns. See you there!

Purple Lemon Baby’s Room

Hi everyone! Life here in the Purple Lemon household is a little hectic now with the Purple Lemon Baby’s arrival, but it is also very fabulous at the same time. I can’t get enough of placing my girl on my shoulder as she sleeps. So sweet!

I told you all that I would share her nursery with you, and today is the day! Here are a few shots of the Purple Lemon nursery:

Come on in!

We spend lots of time in this chair.

We spend lots of time in this chair.

PL baby is so small, she hasn't slept in this crib much yet, but she will!

We are so lucky to have sweet friends that gave us this baby bed. Thanks so much Frank and Amy!

Here is a close up of these fabulous handcut butterflies...

These butterflies are from hipandclavicle on Etsy…Check out her fabulous paper cuts!

Our dresser and hutch where all of our treasures are displayed...

Another sweet friend made this super cute banner for PL baby at the baby shower. We just had to display it in the nursery. Thanks so much Sheri!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed the tour :)

Purple Lemon Baby is Here!

Well, (insert drumroll here) Purple Lemon Baby is here! She is so sweet and, as a proud momma, I just had to share a picture of her :)

I think she is the cutest and prettiest baby ever, but I might be a little biased. She is very petite, but doing great.

I love her!

I’m Guest Blogging at Outblush!

Hi everyone! I know that I have been pretty scarce lately (I am still waiting on the birth of Baby Girl Rinehart!), but I have been doing a little guest blogging today.

Before I fill you in on my guest post, I thought I might update you on Baby Watch 2011. Baby Girl Rinehart is due this Saturday, January 22. I have been working hard with the help of family and friends to get her room ready. I will be sharing pics of it soon. I have been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing regular. I am progressing according to my doctor, but she has decided not to grace us with her presence. We are hoping to meet her any day now!

Now back to the guest blogging…Check out my post over at Outblush. I have been purchasing little pretties for the baby’s room, and I am highlighting one of them today on this fabulous shopping blog. Join me, won’t you?

A Customer Shout Out

Hi everyone! I wanted to take a second to give a past customer, Gina from The Shabby Chic Cottage on Etsy, a shout out. She is today’s “Quit Your Day Job” Series featured business. Congrats Gina!

Read the article on the Etsy blog.

It was nice to even see a little piece of Purple Lemon Designs in the article…If you look at one of the very last pictures, you will see a stamp imprint that I designed for The Shabby Chic Cottage. For great Shabby Chic items, jump on over to Gina’s shop…She has beautiful pieces!

Order Now For Delivery by Christmas!

Hi all you lovely lemonheads :) I have been missing you all so very much. I hope you are all doing well. I am good, just super busy with holiday orders and putting on the local Christmas parade (It is Saturday if anyone locally in Corinth, MS is reading this – come on down for the fun! :)

I did want to give you one pretty important reminder. If you are wanting to include some Purple Lemon goodness for anyone on your Christmas list this year, please make sure to place your order for custom stamps or stationery by this Saturday, December 4th (applicable to US orders only).

Spiral Address Stamp by Purple Lemon Designs

Spiral Address Stamp by Purple Lemon Designs

If you are reading this and you have missed the deadline, never fear! I do have a gift option if you would like to order a stamp that might not arrive in time for Christmas. I create a pretty sheet you can print out and wrap up for giving on Christmas. It includes what the stamp imprint will look like, what my stamps look like (in general) and includes a note about their stamp being on the way. Then, I can either ship the stamp to you or to the recipient.

Hand Stamped Journal by Purple Lemon Designs

I also have Bible/prayer journals and pre-packaged stationery that are ready to ship, so never fear, you can get some type of Purple Lemon goodies for the peeps on your list. Gift Certificates are also fabulous options that I can email to you within a few hours. If you have questions about any of these options, please don’t hesitate to email me at kelly {at} purplelemondesigns.com.

Happy Christmas to you!

And the Winners Are…

Hi all you lovelies! Today could be your lucky day…if you are one of the lucky winners of the Purple Lemon Designs stamp giveaway :)

One thing before I announce the winners…I hope everyone take a second to sign up for my e-newsletter list. I won’t bombard you with thousands of emails (I send less than one a month – more like one a quarter). You will get my exclusive sales and new product introductions. You can sign up by visiting my sign up page.

Celebration Wreath Address Stamp

Now, it is time to announce our winners of a medium Purple Lemon Designs stamp:

Our first winner is rachel S. She said:

I really like the Medium Fleur de Lis Customized Address Stamp!
Thank you for the great giveaway!

The second winner is Gena. She said:

I love the Celebration Wreath Address Stamp. So adorable! Thanks for a chance to win :)

Last but certainly not least is Laura. She said:

I LOVE the Christmas wreath stamp! It would be the perfect finish for our Christmas cards!

I will be getting in touch with each of our winners today. Thanks so much to everyone for the wonderful comments. You have all made my week :) You are all so sweet!

Don’t worry…if you didn’t win, you can still purchase a stamp :) Take a look at my little shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/purplelemondesigns, and pick your favorite. I would love to create the perfect Purple Lemon Designs stamp for your personality.

Thanks to all of you fabulous lemonheads!

It’s Giveaway Day!

Hello all you lovelies! I hope you are having a wonderful day. If you aren’t, maybe this little post will help make your day a little brighter.

To all of my regular readers…I am sorry that i have been scarce these days. Life as a pregnant lady with a “real job” and a home business has been overwhelming.

To all of you new visitors from the Nesting Place…Welcome! I am so glad that you have jumped over to join in the fun of my giveaway :)

Sooo, what am I giving away? Not one but 3 of my medium sized Christmas stamps! 3 winners will be able to choose their favorite Purple Lemon Designs Christmas stamp! (If you already have a Christmas stamp, I am sure I could be persuaded to giveaway one of my regular stamps.)

Here are a few of the designs you could win:

This is one of my brand new stamp designs, the Flourishes Christmas Tree Address Stamp.

Flourishes Christmas Tree Address Stamp

This stamp is my best selling Christmas design, The Celebration Wreath Address Stamp.

Celebration Wreath Address Stamp

This is also one of the Christmas favs, The Grinchy Christmas Tree Address Stamp. This the stamp I actually made for myself :)

Grinchy Christmas Tree Address Stamp

Of course, there are many other stamp designs you might want to give for Christmas gifts (hint! hint!).

Address Stamps

Then there are the Christmas cards…they have matching address stamps too!

Christmas Cards

So, what do you have to do to enter? Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite stamp or Christmas card from my shop is. You can view my shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/purplelemondesigns.

Pretty simple, right? The giveaway is open through Thursday, November 18th at midnight. I will announce the winners on Saturday, November 20th.

Don’t forget to go to the Nesting Place site and enter to win all of the other giveaways! Jump to the site here: http://thenester.com/. Good luck!

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for entering! Check back on Saturday for the winners!

I’m Still Here and a Christmas Collection Preview

Hi everyone! I promise I haven’t fallen off of the face of the earth :) I have been super busy getting my new Christmas line together…Yay! I have also been doing “baby stuff” like planning my nursery, ordering furniture for it and such and so forth. More on that later. Now I would like to share a little about my new Christmas Collection…Are you up for it?

Here are a few of my favorite stamp designs:

I love the imperfect nature of this stamp.

Hand Drawn Christmas Ornament Address Stamp

This stamp comes in a round version as well as rectangle…

Flourishes Christmas Tree Address Stamp

How about Christmas cards…Have your ordered yours yet?

Check out these:

Starry Snowflake Christmas Card

Bows are so popular this season…I think this one is super fun.

Ribbons and Bows Christmas Card

Squee! I think this is my favorite!

Scrolls and Ribbons Christmas Card

I have tons more stamps and cards available in my Christmas collection…You can check them out in my Etsy shop.

You can check out my Christmas Stamp Collection here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/purplelemondesigns?section_id=7478716

My Christmas Cards are located here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/purplelemondesigns?section_id=7375529

Thanks for looking!

The Pantone Spring Color Report Is Here

I just love Pantone…Don’t you? Well, it is here; the new Pantone color report for Spring 2011. I know it is not even Christmas 2010 yet, but I love to know what is going on in the world of color.

To view it and download it, visit the Pantone website. It has gorgeous sketches and colors for spring. They are beautiful bright colors mixed with subtle hues…Check it out; it is Beautiful!

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