Terrific Tuesdays: Garden Markers


Happy Tuesday Lemonheads! Today I have a fun new project that I think you will really like – garden markers. You know those wonderful markers that help you keep your plants straight? I have made some out of a broken terra cotta pot…A broken pot you say? Yes!

My supply list:

  • terra cotta pot (cleaned and dried)
  • hammer
  • metal stakes
  • handyman’s glue
  • acrylic outdoor paint
  • paint brush
  • rub on letters
  • acrylic sealant (I used a matte finish)


First I took an old pot that was about to fall apart and well, helped it. I smashed it on my garage floor and then used a hammer to create shapes that would work for my markers. (This is a nice exercise if you have a bit of aggression you need to work out – Check it out! A two-in-one Terrific Tuesdays!)


Then I took metal stakes (.5′ -1.5′ works well depending on your pot – I had to cut my down a bit with a hacksaw), and attached them to the shards of the pot with a handyman’s adhesive. You can find this in the paint area of your local discount store. Then I let them dry overnight.


Once the adhesive dried, I took outdoor acrylic paint that I found in the craft area of my discount store, and painted stripes on the pot. Make sure to finish the back for a cohesive look.


Here is a handy tip: Stick your markers in a potted plant while the paint is drying.


Once the paint dried, I took rub on letters and spelled out what I wanted to mark. I really like being able to personalized the markers, ’cause I can rarely find a marker for “Lemon Thyme” which is one of my all time favorite herbs.


Then once the letters were adhered, I gave it a light shot of acrylic spray for a little staying power.


I think they turned out really cute! I can’t wait to use them with the herb garden I am going to plant next week…Stay tuned!

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